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My Favourite Time of Year

“Mom, I have your Mother’s Day present in my backpack. I’m so excited.  I think I have to give it to you now.”  I knew it was pointless trying to talk him into waiting; he’s so much like his dad who bursts at the seams with excitement when he’s found, or made, the perfect gift.  It’s pretty fun to watch, and, I like getting presents so I didn’t mind.

Before I knew it, Jackson had placed a sweet painting and beaded necklace next to me on the front seat.  “Do you love it, mom?  Do you love it?” I did.

Lily who had been patiently holding onto her gift for days yelled ‘I’M GIVING YOU MINE WHEN WE GET HOME!!!”  She ran upstairs and pulled the pink tissue paper wrapped “Spoon Full of Kisses” card from under her bed where she had been hiding it.  I opened my arms thinking she was trying to give me a hug too but realized just in time that she was only trying to nab my chocolate kisses.

Mother’s Day beats out my birthday for favourite occasions that are all about me.  On Sunday, I might get to sleep in, I’ll definitely get breakfast made for me and we’ll all be together. We may not do anything much but on Sunday I’ll be spoiled with time, hugs and kisses.

Truthfully though, as much as I love seeing the kids excitement giving me their gifts, I don’t hold out much hope that they will actually be able to give me the one thing that I’ve asked for this year:  just one day of not having to referee their continual bickering.  That, I think, may be asking too much.

Happy Mother’s Day.  I hope you get to enjoy a little pampering.



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Giving Back.

It seems that a trip to the hospital is an inevitable part of parenthood.  But it’s only when the visits become more frequent that you realize how important it is to have a place like McMaster Children’s Hospital  around.    

Our introduction to Mac Kids was in 2004 when Jack was just 4 weeks old.  An infection had entered his bloodstream and after a 5 day stay at our local hospital we were referred to Mac to deal with complications of a cyst.  We had thought (hoped) that  our visits to Emergency and the clinic with Jack would be the end of our journey with Mac Kids but fast forward two years and I was referred back  so my pregnancy could be monitored by the High Risk group. 

I mentioned in a previous post   that Lily was a twin but I’ve never elaborated much on that part of Lily’s story here.    

We found out fairly early on in the pregnancy that her sister,  Abigail Grace, had a fatal neural tube defect called Anencephaly and I credit McMaster with getting us through those months as whole as we are.   They allowed me to love both of my girls, took great care to ensure their health and provided a safe environment in which to say goodbye to one of them.     

No words could ever convey how grateful I am to have been cared for at McMaster.  For two years I took part in their Mother’s Day Telethon and then the Radiothon and although I’m not  taking part this year I still want to do  something extra to help them bring the best care possible to children and families.  So from now until May 15th we will donate ten percent (10 %) of  mocobabies’  online sales to Mac Kids.      

I will continue to hold onto the hope that we will never have to use their phenomenal facilities again and neither will you.   

As a special bonus the first ten (10) orders  placed will include a free 11×14 mocobabies Alphabet Poster (which isn’t yet available in stores or online).  

You can start (or continue) signing with baby using some of the best tools around and you’ll also be giving a scared, tired or grieving mom a glimmer of hope for Mother’s Day.  

There’s never been a better time to buy mocobabies.

If you’re in the Owen Sound area, why pay shipping?  Stop in at Sweetpea Wholesome Baby on 2nd Avenue and pick up a set of flash cards!  We’ll include your purchase in our donation! 

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