Signing Flash Cards

**Important Note**  Our flash cards are a tool to help you remember signs as you play with baby.  Please do not leave child unattended with the cards, they are not meant to be put in baby’s mouth. 

Our best seller and Lily’s favorite toy right now.  She literally walks around everywhere with them.  She absolutely loves the pictures and learning the new signs.  A few weeks back she walked around with the cracker flash card all day.  She kept showing us and we continued talking about crackers and signing the word to her.  At the end of the day she walked in, put the card on the table in front of me and signed ‘cracker’.  Very proud of herself to say the least.

With Jackson I kept the cards in the diaper bag for those emergency occassions when we were out and had to wait (ie. for the check at a restaurant).  We could, for the most part, successfully avoid tantrums because he would get caught up in the pictures and signing with us.

Our illustrations are fun and attention-grabbing for both baby and adult.  A fun way to play, interact and engage with baby.  By talking about the pictures and having the graphic of how to make the respective sign on the back, the cards are a great way to make signing fun.  The child is surrounded by both verbal and  sign language.

We sometimes get asked why we don’t have the signs for ‘please’ and  ‘thank you’ in our flash card set.  It wasn’t an oversight. We wanted to focus on words that could easily be identified in an illustration.  It would be quite difficult to convey the concept of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ so that a baby would immediately know what was being portrayed.   Thus, we made the decision  to include please and thank you in our  Little Helper Signing Sticker ‘Around the House’ set.  A great way to encourage signing and repetition.

Our set  includes baby’s first signs, food signs, farm animals as well as some zoo animals.  They’re not meant to be an exhaustive resource or a way to test baby’s retention – just a fun way to interact with baby while learning a little something along the way.

We hope you enjoy using the flash cards with your children. More importantly, we hope you have fun playing with them; creating memories talking and signing with your children!


7 responses to “Signing Flash Cards

  1. mocobabies

    I’ve just had the most wonderful email from a customer about our Flash Cards. Monica writes:

    “We love your set of 35 cards…my 14 month old son ADORES them and we use them daily. He is speech delayed and these cards caused a sign explosion. We loved that they were affordable as opposed to some of the learning DVDs and whatnot.

    Do you have any plans to put out a 2nd or 3rd set?? He is so hungry for more signs and other cards just aren’t the same.

    I am sending a link to his youtube video. You can see how much he loves them.”

    Here is Monica’s clip of Jack signing using mocobabies Flash Cards. It’s so rewarding to see families using and having fun with our products!

  2. i can’t wait to get these!! i think my son will love them!! very cool. thank you!

  3. Wow, he’s so cute! I love seeing that! What a vocabulary. 🙂

  4. tina @ september

    alright, i left that comment two years ago! my son is 4 and daughter is almost 3 and we now have an 11 month old 😀
    i use the cards (mostly for me!) it’s funny how easily i forget signs but the big kids remember most of them! the decals come in handy too..sissy randomly points to them and says the word and makes the sign. it always makes my heart soar. baby signs more and thank you and again hearts are saoring. thanks or these great and beautiful and quite hip signing tools ;)!

  5. Tina, thank you so much for that! I’m so happy you enjoyed using them and found everything helpful. I’ve loved reading your blog and seeing all the pics of how you’ve set up your classroom. Thanks so much for keeping in touch – this made my day!

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