mocobabies develops and manufactures fun products to help families use American Sign Language with their hearing preverbal children. Throughout this blog you will find more information about mocobabies products as well as Kathy Moores’ experiences and thoughts about signing with her children. Kathy is the owner of mocobabies and has enjoyed signing with her son and daughter, although, as you will read, the experience has been quite different with both Jack and Lily.

At mocobabies the focus is on the here-and-now and trying to make signing as much fun as possible. All of mocobabies’ products are developed with fun in mind and with the ultimate goal of helping you play, interact and engage with baby. See the world through baby’s hands…

mocobabies / hip baby signing tools / http://www.mocobabies.com


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  1. katherine

    I just wanted to let you know that I regularly check in on your post. Like Lily, my daughter is a great signer but has limited speech. I do wonder if the signing has been a help or a hinderance in her development. I’m so glad that she can communicate with me, but I am frustrated that she can produce sentences in sign but can barely talk. I hope both of our girls are taking our ears off soon!

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