Redefining Progress

There are days I wonder why I bother to read the paper.  I typically end up shaking my head in disbelief or shuddering at the apathy and viciousness with which we seem to be treating each other.  Yesterday was no different.

In an article about the vast environmental controls and protections that are being eliminated in Canada, it seems the government has defended it’s actions by stating that “…caring for nature is a barrier to economic prosperity.”

In that very same paper there was an article about a beach that I’ve been swimming in since I was born that was closed to swimmers over the weekend because of increased e-coli levels.  The beach remains closed today.

Alberta is still dealing with a massive oil spill that went undetected for days, the second spill in the past year, and ten animal species were added to the Canadian endangered list in May 2012.

I find it shocking that our leaders have decided to grow (resuscitate) the economy at the expense of the environment. The leaders of this amazing country, so rich in natural resources, should be using their position of power to build on something genius, something that future generations will marvel at like my son does now when he asks in awe how people were able to think of technology, skyscrapers and other wonders of daily life we seem to take for granted as adults.  Our leaders should be working to redefine progress not forging ahead focused only on the dollar and so little on the splendor and necessity of our natural world.

The definition of progress is forward movement towards a destination.  I want to move towards a future where my kids have clean water to drink and Lake Huron is still clean enough to swim in.  I want an economy that embraces the environment instead of  exploiting it with such an intense focus on money.

I’m not even close to perfect when it comes to having an eco-friendly lifestyle but I’m happy about the changes that my family and I have made.  And, I’m especially proud of the changes I’ve made with mocobabies.  I no longer manufacture overseas, our packaging is eco-friendly and each component I’ve sourced is made in North America.  Still, we can do more.

The kids and I were out playing in the rain yesterday and as the thunder grew louder my son said “Isn’t it weird that the earth would want to destroy things and sometimes kill people with tornadoes and lightening when it should be protecting us?”  I tried to explain that the earth supports us but it’s our job to protect it.  Unfortunately, we’re doing a horrible job.

Since our leaders aren’t providing us with ingenuity, we have to work on ridding ourselves of apathy and get creative; it seems it’s up to us to redefine progress.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go hug a tree.



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2 responses to “Redefining Progress

  1. Hugging a tree is always a good thing! 🙂 And I’m right there with you on this line, “I want to move towards a future where my kids have clean water to drink and Lake Huron is still clean enough to swim in.” Yes.

    How wonderful to hear of the conscious way you’ve developed your products! Those are decisions a lot of people would just gloss over. Yet you took the time to make sure you are putting something wonderful out into the world in a wonderful way.

    • Thank you!

      It scares me how much things have changed in such a short time – when I was a kid we jumped in the water without ever having to wonder if the beach was closed.

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