Poor Goofy

Last night we watched a commercial for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse special featuring Minnie Mouse.  Jack, who hasn’t watched Clubhouse in years, exclaimed “That’s not fair! Minnie Mouse is taking over and it’s Mickey’s show!”

“I think it’s a special Valentine’s episode.”  Pointing back to the screen I say, “See, there’s Mickey – he’s still in it”

“Why would she be in the Valentine’s episode?”  A look of realization crosses his face, “Minnie isn’t his sister, is she?”

“Nope.  They love each other.”

“They’re boyfriend and girlfriend?”  he says as he mentally works out this new reality, “So then, Donald and Daisy? They’re not brother and sister either are they?”


Jackson says with a sigh, “Well, that’s really sad, then. Goofy doesn’t have anybody.”

We decided poor Goofy seems happy enough, regardless.

 Valentine’s is coming quickly, I hope your day is filled with hugs and laughter. 


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3 responses to “Poor Goofy

  1. tina @ september

    very sweet!

  2. That is so cute! You are smart to document these things your little one says. Priceless, and he will enjoy hearing them as he grows. It’s so interesting how kids view the world.

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