All the Awesome

Sometimes it’s a video clip that inspires me, reminding me of the diversity and adventure that waits around every corner.  Sometimes, it’s just a silly commercial that makes me smile while emphasizing a life lesson to always be open-minded and nonjudgmental.  Regardless, it’s almost always something simple that reminds me of all the good – all of the awesome – that’s still alive and well in the world.

This week, it wasn’t a little thing that served as my reminder of how fantastic people really are:  it was a grand gesture of kindness from a person I follow on twitter.

A woman I have never met before, and only sporadically tweet with, spent over an hour with me on the phone talking about language development and reading in order to help Lily with ongoing letter recognition issues.  Diane Duff (@diane_duff on twitter) offered her time so generously and provided me with so much information that I’m still trying to process it all.

So much of this blog used to be about Lily’s adventure through sign language and her progress after being classified as having a severe speech delay.  Then, for some reason I stopped updating.  My last post about Lily’s progress was back in September of 2010 before she ventured into the world of junior kindergarten.

Diane has inspired me to get back to it.  As I create and make tools to help play letter games with Lily I will share them with you.  I will blog about our progress and touch on the information Diane has provided me.  I can’t repay her for all she did for me on Monday but I can put what I’ve learned out into the universe to possibly help someone else.   So, I hope you’ll check back for free downloads and some game ideas that will be great fun for any child.

Furthermore, building on my last post where I expounded on my love of snow and Christmas, for the next couple of weeks (and beyond?) I will be highlighting something nice that happens during my day.  It’s a small way I can do better by consciously recognizing all the awesome –  even the small, quiet awesome – instead of unintentionally letting myself get bogged down in all that is wrong with the world right now.

TODAY:  three men, early twenties, who were engaged in conversation and goofing around with one another still took the time to hold a door open for me – even offering smiles and a happy you’re welcome! (If you’ve been here before, holding the door or a thank you after having the door held open for you, is a pretty big deal to me)


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