Stranger Danger

I was flipping through an old notebook and found a conversation with Lily I’d quickly scribbled down.  Reading it, I couldn’t help but smile, remembering the exact moment Lily described her version of Stranger Danger to me.

Enjoying a special lunch date together on October 19th of last year, Lily stated, “Mom, you never ever go with a stranger.  Even if he says come to my car with me to eat candy.  Never. Ever.”

“That’s right”  I say, so proud of my girl, “what would you do instead of going to the car?”

“Run and scream.  And I’d never ever go with a bear either.  Right mommy?”

“That’s right, never go anywhere with a bear, Lils.”

“I wouldn’t go with a bear. No. No. No.  Oh no.  Or a punkin that yells boo.  Or a ghost.  But definitely not a bear.”

She was so focused.  So serious.  I smiled as she played with her sandwich, brows furrowed, deep in thought,  “But a witch?  I like witches.  Maybe I could go with her on her broomstick.  Not scary.  I like witches.”  With that she took a bite of her lunch, nodding her head in approval.

So, here’s hoping she doesn’t run into any witches while she trick or treats tonight.

Happy Hallowe’en, have a safe and happy night!

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  1. Cool! I love how you shared the sign for “Halloween.” I’ll have to show my kids. 🙂 And this is a beautiful story. What makes it even more special is that you took the time to write it down a year ago, and now you can look back on that moment and relive the special lunch you had with your daughter. So precious. Thanks for sharing it!

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