The Mom-mock

This morning, once again, the kids were taking their sweet time getting ready. As I was trying to usher them out the door I noticed one still didn’t have their socks on, while the other was sulking about something left upstairs. A sweater was suddenly too small and their shoes felt like they had spiders in them. A new, and fairly odd, issue every second.

I waved my hands as I walked by (which, in thinking about it, was an exaggerated ‘finished’ sign – so fitting), “Move it guys – get your coats on! Don’t make me ask you again!”

As I climbed the stairs, I heard a tiny, “Because I am not kidding around!” Followed by, “Do you understand me?”

At least they started to move while enjoying their quiet victory, sharing in whispered giggles. I smiled too, silently rehearsing a few new lines – apparently the old ones are too well worn.

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  1. Isn’t that strange, when they start sounding like you? šŸ™‚ Whenever my kids pull out a phrase that I say it always stops me in my tracks. But it has the added bonus of making me laugh. So if I’m mad, then it all disappears, in the face of young happy children. One of the strangest things, though, is when one puts the other in time-out. And the “punished” one listens!

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