Their Last Day

I have tried to instill in my children the love of finding the perfect gift and how exciting it is to give someone a gift that is well thought out and even homemade. Yesterday it was my son that reminded me of this lesson.

To say that I’m struggling with the fact that the end of another school year has arrived, is an understatement. I’m in denial that my youngest, today, finishes her first year of school and my son will be starting grade two in September. I have no idea where this year has gone.

Fortunately, both Jack and Lily had phenomenal teachers this year who helped them develop a true love of school; which is incredible but has made the end of year teacher’s gift a little bit stressful. Especially after reading an article awhile back that said buying a teacher a Kobo reader was the perfect gift. Really. I wish I could remember where I saw it because I read and reread the sentence a few times thinking it must have meant buying them an ebook. Nope. A Kobo.

We went a different way. This year we purchased a gift certificate to a local independent book store for both teachers. The kids made cards, drew pictures and I wrote my own card thanking them for a phenomenal year. But I felt like something was missing so off we went to pick out a special chocolate to put with their envelopes.

There was quite a selection to choose from but Jackson was having a hard time picking something out. I was admittedly a little low on patience.

“Come on Jack, pick something. What about these [a pretty package of pink and cream jellies]?”

“No, I don’t know that she likes jellies.”

“Okay. Pick one of the chocolates then. It’s just a little something to put with their gift – it’s not their whole present, Jack.”

“What if there are peanuts in it? We can’t have peanuts at school.”

“Don’t get one with peanuts in it then.”

“What if I can’t see the peanuts but they’re in there?”

“Holy crow Jackson, just pick something!”

He walked around for a few more minutes and I was ready to just grab something myself and head to the cash when Jack’s face lit up as he pointed to the top of a stand. And there it was, the perfect gift for my emotive, sweet boy to give his favourite teacher: a chocolate rose. He nearly bounced right out of his shoes when I handed it to him. I squatted down to look him in the eye and I apologized for rushing him, “That’s it, Jack. The perfect addition to your gift. I wasn’t listening to you and I was going to make you buy something that you didn’t care to get, something that didn’t make you think of your teacher. Sorry buddy.”

He was so proud of his find and it was sweet to see the kids walk out this morning, each with a rose in hand.

And, now it’s looking forward to summer fun with a small apology to the teachers that they won’t be enjoying their summer with a brand new Kobo…



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2 responses to “Their Last Day

  1. That was lovely. Made me tear up, actually. It always pays off when we really stop and let our kids make the right choices. It’s hard, though… kids definitely know how to take their sweet time, lol.

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