Mother of the Year

Tonight Jackson and Lily went  out back to play while I cleaned up the  dinner dishes. 

Earlier, when I’d picked Jackson up from school I explained that I had a headache and wasn’t feeling well so it was going to be a very quiet, relaxed night.  This didn’t, however,  stop him from relentlessly talking over his sister, telling ten thousand stories and asking twenty thousand questions between pick-up and dinner. 

So, I was selfishly enjoying the quiet while they played outside.  Just as I turned the vacuum on to quickly tidy the back room,  Jack popped his head in and started talking – again. 

Sure, I could have turned the vacuum off.  But, I saw his face and knew he was either telling another story or tattling on his sister who was still happily swinging.  No one was bleeding.  No one was crying. 

I kept the vacuum on, shook my head as I pointed to my ear.  I then motioned to the backyard and signed ‘play’.   He cocked his head as if  a pup being given a strange command, stood there for a second longer, shrugged and turned to go.  

Not my proudest moment but I did fall in love with sign language all over again.


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