Growing up

Tomorrow Jackson starts grade one and  Lily has her  introduction to junior kindergarten on Friday.  I hate to say it because it screams to the world that I’m that mom but I’m having a really hard time with back-to-school this year.  I inevitably have to hide my face when talking to Jackson because I get all misty.   I gargle out an ‘I’m so happy and excited for you’ when all I really want to do is hug him and tell him I miss him already.

Lily’s last day at the YMCA is coming quickly as well which is making this school year more emotional than it should be.  They have been such a huge part of our lives for the past two years.  I adore Lily’s caregivers and appreciate how they have supported us by signing and celebrating Lily’s growing verbal vocabulary.  They have made her feel secure and confident enough to start playing with the other children and I’m really sad to be saying goodbye. 

One of Lily’s caregivers, Annette, had written a short note for me to be used for mocobabies and after reading it again recently, I know leaving the Y is a big part of why September has me so happy for the adventures the kids will have this year and very sad that they are growing up so quickly.

A little girl and her family came in to our centre. Lily had little speech. Her mom introduced us to a product called mocobabies. We have placed these signs around our room and we use them at circle time. The first signs we introduced to the group were milk and cookies (milk being Lily’s favourite). The other children have really taken to the signs and we now use: friend, book, milk, cookie, please, thank you, more, outside and a variety of animal signs.

One day Lily’s friend was signing ‘friend’ and said her name. She had the biggest smile ever. It was very heart warming for me to see Lily smile so big and that the other children were really picking up on the signs. At snack time we see a lot of ‘more please’ and ‘thank you’. Mocobabies has helped us make it more comfortable and inviting for Lily to participate and enjoy her time here with us.

When Lily first started she was shy and kept to herself. Now she interacts more and is talking much more. Lily is a real treat to have in our group and we are grateful for mocobabies products which helped us help Lily.


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