Cheers and Confetti: The Lily Update

When Lily first started therapy, just before her second birthday, she had very few words and was classified as having a severe delay.

This summer she started attending one-on-one weekly therapy sessions to work on her ‘k’ sound because she wasn’t producing sounds made at the back of the mouth (k and g specifically).  Lily quickly fell in love with Danielle, our new therapist for the  intensive sessions and began looking forward to her Tuesday morning routine. 

Until this summer our therapy sessions  have mainly focused on providing me strategies to implement at home then assessing Lily’s improvement from appointment to appointment,  so it was amazing (and extremely helpful) to watch how Danielle interacted with Lily. 

Although still not making it spontaneously, Lily can make the ‘k’ sound at the beginning and end of words.  With prompting Lily can now say ‘snake’ instead of  ‘sate’ or ‘snae’.  We’ve used a lot of modelling and it always helps when there’s motivation.  I would have preferred to have never met Sammy Snake but he definitely created opportunity to practice our ‘k’ sound!

When discussing next steps Sarah (our regular Speech Pathologist) mentioned that if Lily does require another block of intensive therapy (we’ll revisit in October) she would be sitting with Danielle and one other child because she no longer qualifies for one-on-one therapy.  In response to my  confused expression Sarah explained that only children with moderate delays are eligible for one-on-one and Lily’s delay is now considered mild.   I gasped and clapped like a giddy child, wanting nothing more than to scoop Lily up and dance around the room.

I sat through the rest of the session staring at Lily thinking of how much she’s changed.  How hard she’s worked and how unbelievable it is to me that she’s heading to Junior Kindergarten in just a couple of weeks.  She’s no longer my baby;  I’m sending her off to her first year of school and I can only imagine all the fun new words she’ll learn there!


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4 responses to “Cheers and Confetti: The Lily Update

  1. Rob

    …and all the fun words you’ll wish she hadn’t learned. 😉

  2. so proud of you! There is NO WAY she would be where she is if it wasn’t for the two of you. Imagine those poor children that never have the opportunity to be better…smiles and hugs!

    • Thanks Sundi! It’s been a group effort but amazing to see how hard Lily has been working. And how proud she is of herself when she gets it right. I just drive her to the appointments… 😉

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