Cleanin’ up

I’m doing a bit of spring computer cleaning;  purging  my email and  files in an effort to restore some of the pep my computer once had.  

In cleaning up my ‘notes’ in email I found this: 

Jackson said ‘mommy’ to his Grandpa today just after I’d yawned.  Grandpa said ‘where’s mommy?’ to which Jackson pointed at me and made the sign for sleep.  Grandpa asked ‘is mommy tired?’ and Jack said (verbally) ‘yeah’.  
It’s so fun having little conversations with him now as he mixes his signs and his words.

My kids have grown so much (and talk so much) that I forget it  wasn’t all that long ago that it was their little hands that were doing most of the communicating.

We recently received an email from someone who is using our Signing Stickers.  They included a picture of their gorgeous baby wrapped in a bath towel laying on the change table.   Three signing stickers were placed above the table to help everyone remember a few bath-time appropriate signs. 

I miss those days getting to know baby –  I find myself thinking of all the fun firsts they’re about to have and all of the ‘lightbulb moments’ they are going to share with their beautiful son.   

It makes me  happy to get emails showing how you’re using the stickers and flash cards with your babies!  The pictures along with the stories I’m finding as I purge help me remember how much I loved signing with mine.


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  1. Yoes

    I remember the day that pic of Jackaroo was taken. “More PLEASE” with such urgency, while looking at the plate of goodies. So funny and adorable. He’s so handsome these days, but seeing this picture made me miss those chubby cheeks!

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