Tug of what?

It started with a playgroup song.  Jackson was about 8 months old and  I was the lone oblivious mother singing “I don’t know why she swallowed the fly.  Perhaps she’ll die. ”  I looked at the other moms who seemed to be looking at me as if I’d sprouted another nostril.  I  listened intently to the next chorus and realized that the Little Old Lady only cried in this new babe-ified version. 

Then yesterday when picking Jackson up after school he started telling me about one of the  games he’d played at the school’s Olympic celebration.  He was talking so quickly I missed the name of the game.   When he repeated the word tug I said ‘Oh!  Tug of War’ to which he replied ‘No,  Tug of Peace.”  


Oh, that’s how we’ll achieve world peace…

Jack has never wept over that Little Old Lady and her tormented tummy.  And he’s a sensitive kid who has already had to deal with a lot of death in his short life.  We deal.  We talk.  We cry.  And we’re okay.   The tale of the silly little fly and all the animals that go down after  it has never caused tears or raised questions about death.

As a kid, Tug of War never gave me pause to think of strife in the world nor did it make me violent or warmongerish.  I would love war to end. Right now.  I would love the threat of war to cease.  Forever.  If only it was as easy as just eradicating the word from a 5 year olds vocabulary. 

If I can’t call it Tug of War anymore, I’ll just shorten it to Tug.  I’m through sugar-coating.   Of course I’m also the mom who changes the words of ‘On top of Spaghetti’ to ‘On top of the Table’ and sing about Lily being told to get down but falling off and out the door.  

Yeah, maybe forget everything I just said.



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4 responses to “Tug of what?

  1. Kim Bechard

    Kathy, I think this is hilarious, I definately feel the same way EVERY time my child comes home with “new variations” of everything in school. For egsample, Valentines day, I was sent home a small note from the teacher explaining that her class would be celebrating Valentines Day on Wednesday, and to bring thier “freindship cards” with them to give out. So it’s okay to say valentines day, and call it valentines day in the letter, but they can’t give out “valentines day cards” and then it went on and started to re name the day “red and pink day” ?????? I don’t get it, is our generation soooo messed up that we have to “protect” our children from silly valentines, Halloween, St.Patty’s and what’s going to happen on Easter??? Will it be “bunny day” or “pink, baby blue, yellow, and mint green day”? Or maybe they’ll get into the harsh reality of it all and on the first day of school they’ll just start telling children there is no such thing as Santa, the Tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and so on? I don’t understand who makes these changes and puts them into effect, but I’m sure if there was a vote by the general public it would all stay the way we (1970’s born) remember it, and I don’t think I’ve been scarred by my Valentines, or as you experienced “Tug of War” memories.
    Yours, Kim

  2. Don’t do the PC thing. Tug of War is what it is called. I’d call it that anyway in spite of the looks other moms give you. lol. What has this world come to? I was watching House Hunting on HGTV. The parent was so overconcerned about her child’s safety that my husband blurted out, “What in the world? When we were kids…” And out came another story of his adventures as a young boy. What happened to adventure in this world? We may not be parents, but coddling a child is certainly a disservice. A child has got to be prepared to face the realities of the world.

    I don’t mean to rampage. I know I’m singing to the choir. Great blog. I saved this blog to my favorites because I’ve enjoyed all your posts. Your kids sound wonderful!

  3. The Valentine’s Day thing I don’t understand. I understand giving all the kids in the class a card in the younger grades because it’s not about crushes at that age but must we change the name of the day? Really.

    I came across this link that’s pretty interesting about a school banning Valentine’s cards. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/20SvqS/www.momlogic.com/2010/02/british_primary_school_bans_va.php/r:t

    To some degree we’re taking real life away from kids. Sometimes the hard knocks (or lack of Valentine’s) is what makes us stronger. Even though we may not know it at the time.

    Completely agree Nikki, there will be little adventure left for them. And thanks – I’m honoured to be part of your favourites! 😉

    Um, Kim. Santa is real.

  4. They are banning Valentinees Cards??? Ugh.

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