The things they say

These past few weeks stress has been working to almost completely erode my funny bone.  Very little has made me smile and it’s a near impossibility for someone to get a heartfelt laugh from me.  Yet, my kids still manage to make me chuckle on a daily basis.  Even when the word ‘Mom’ has worn itself out and I’m ready to have it switched over to the ‘naughty word list’ they can still manage to make me giggle. 

Going over Jack’s word list for school we came to the word ‘gas’.  He giggled and said “When we did this word at school I told my teacher that Daddy had lots of gas” 

I laughed a laugh that was full of relief that he hadn’t used my name


The other morning I woke Jack up  for his shower before school (I thought daily showering started with preening teenagers but apparently not)

Jack:  Ok mom, I can do it all by myself

Me:  Wow, you’re getting so big.  Do you even need me for anything anymore?

Jack (after a moment of thought):  Sure.  You can still cut my toenails.   



Lily‘s new favourite word is Poopeyhead.  Every knock-knock joke, every story told and every other sentence is peppered with Poopeyheads.   If I were a better (ie. more classy ) mother I would put a stop to it but I’m more focused on getting her to stop saying “Dammit is a bad word.  Dammit not a very nice word. I never say dammit” over and over and over again. 

After dinner one night I leaned over and whispered “Can I tell you a secret?”

Lily nodded.

Me:  Lily is a Poopeyhead

Lily:  giggles

We did this a few times. 

Lily then whispered in my ear   “Can I tell you a ‘ecret?”

Me:  Sure

Lily:  You’re a nice lady

Me:  *Heart. Melting*

We reverted back to Poopeyhead for a few moments

Lily:  Can I tell you a ‘ecret?

Me:  Yes!

Lily:  Mommy is pretty.

And with that she folded me up and placed me securely in her back pocket… 

What have your kids said lately that’s made you smile?


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4 responses to “The things they say

  1. Melodie

    I love all the things that come out of my 3 1/2 year olds mouth. Just this morning, he was hiding under the covers on my bed as we got ready for the day, telling the world that he was “activating”.

    The best though, is when he is crying because he wants something and he uses the line “if you don’t mind”. As in “Mommmmyyyyyy…I want the cookie NOW…if you don’t mind”.

    Well, he may be whiney, but atleast he is polite!

  2. For the record I do not have a Gas problem 😉 but I can be a poopeyhead.

    Jack’s Dad

  3. Beautiful. I can see where you could find the silver lining in your stressful days. Your kids sound adorable.

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