Here she is, our newest addition:  Alphabet.   

 She doesn’t sign but she sure is cute.   

 And what isn’t possible with the alphabet?  

A Bumbling Caterpillar Does Everything Fathomable. 

Giggling Hens Imagine Joking Kangaroos  Like  Making  Nachos  Orange.   

Porcupines Quietly Read Stories To Unicorns. 

Various Whales Xerocopy Yellow Zebras.

We’re big on imagination in our house and thought we’d take a crack at making the alphabet as whimsical and fun as we could. 

The posters will be online soon and keep visiting for details on an upcoming contest where the winner will receive a framed copy.  

Hmmm…perhaps I’ll see how imaginative you can be with the alphabet.


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6 responses to “Introducing…

  1. What a cute, fun learning tool! I’m excited to browse around the rest of your site. 🙂

  2. Seriously cute! Stop hoggin your designer, I’d love to see what wonders she could do for us in ribbon designs!

  3. Rosemary White

    Hi, I found your pages when I started my own just a week or two ago.
    As an ECE working with kids with special needs, I was fascinated and delighted with your signing concepts for babies. I especially loved the videos. So I sent your link to a bunch of my friends and colleagues, and posted it on my blog page too. One of my youngest friends, a new mom, has been teaching her daughter to sign for months, with great success. I’d love to give her a set of your cards for her upcoming first birthday.
    By the way, your writing is lovely too, tender and spare, very loving.
    All the best,


  4. thenewcomer

    Ahh, imagination. A rare commodity dwindling to almost nothingness in our current Batman-dominated era at home.

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