Dreaming of a maid

Everywhere I look right now there are piles:  to-do piles,  filing piles, put away and laundry piles.  We’re getting some work done on our house and it feels like the work has turned my life into piles.  The kitchen table is covered in mocobabies, our dirty laundry seems to be reproducing and to top everything off my kids have now taken the sheets off of their beds and are using them to tow their belongings around the house. 

Hoping to get some work done, I tried earlier to exhaust Jack and Lily with a vigorous game of  ‘freeze bear’ and a snowball fight.  My plan backfired so I turn to The Backyardigans to lend me a hand.

A commercial for the Golden Globes plays as I search for the kids channel and  I remember that a year ago my mom and I were walking Rodeo Drive.  We were pulling our sanity free from the grip of our excitement and deciding that the $600 Coach purses were best left at the store.  Even though, according to the sales woman, the colours would “probably still work next season”. 

So began our mission to find something affordable that we could bring home – something that  would scream “Rodeo Drive”.  We ended up with a pair of socks from Juicy Couture.   They only whisper but I love them all the same.

We were in town taking mocobabies to The Boom Boom Room, a Pre-Golden Globes Gifting Suite, and stayed a few extra days to take in the land of celebrity.  Walking to Rodeo Drive we passed the Beverly Hilton Hotel, all blocked off in preparation for the festivities.  We were the consummate tourists watching the passing limos and luxury cars hoping to catch a glimpse of a famous face. 

We walked along taking in the opulence that is Beverly Hills, talking about all of the fabulous people we had met.   Mom was on cloud nine after meeting Angus T. Jones   while I grumbled about  my missed opportunity to tell Kevin Weisman that he was one of my favourite things about Alias.  Mom kept urging me on but I was still in my ‘I will not gush’ frame of mind.  We talked about my dork moment asking (and ready to beg) Neil McDonough for a picture and of course gossiped about some of the crazier things we witnessed.  

And I still smile remembering Constance Zimmer   tapping my table saying “I already have these [flash cards].  We love them!”   That was my little bit of cool from 2009. 

It was a surreal couple of days.  

We topped it off with a dinner at Chef Ramsay’s The London.   It was the most extraordinary meal I have ever had, made better only if Gordon himself had pulled up a chair.  

But now I’m home with my adorable children and their not-so-adorable mess.   I’m left dreaming of the opulence that is Beverley Hills and all of the maids that come with it.  *Sigh*

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