Santa’s direct line

I love Christmas.  Adore it actually.  I love it for all of the feel-good-cheesy-Christmas-movie reasons;  the carols, the decorations, the magic and family but it’s the littlest things that I love the most. 

Watching  Donald Duck’s legs turn into rotors in order to get him off cracking ice and feeling Jackson, who is cuddled beside me, start to shake with giggles.   
Lily calling Santa “HoHo”
Jackson walking to the car during a snowfall,  back arched and belly sticking out of his Jacket.  “I’m catchin’ snowflakes on my belly”
Watching Lily’s Santaphobia begin to subside with the realization that he is solely in charge of gift delivery. 
Hearing Jack quietly sing “I love Santa.  I love Santa so much” into his hot chocolate after walking around our town’s Festival of Lights.
Watching my husband walk with Lily on his shoulders to view the Festival of Lights having lost his winter hat and jacket yet still trotting along like it was the middle of summer – his love of Christmas, his kids and his beautifully lit town keeping him warm. 

But it’s not all sunshine and cupcakes. 

The sibling bickering is out of control.  “That’s mine”  “I am NOT on the naughty list”.  “You a bad boy”  “You’re a bad girl!” “Give that back!”  These phrases are rarely spoken but instead whined or screamed.   My extreme dislike of whining coupled with my not being a morning person created a perfect storm a few mornings back.   Exasperated  as the kids were whining and grabbing things back and forth I found myself snarking  “I WILL call Santa myself if you two don’t stop it!”.  Not my proudest moment but it worked like nothing has ever worked before.  However,  I wasn’t quite ready for the questions that would follow.  With wide eyes Jackson whispered “you know Santa’s phone number?”  followed by “Santa sees everything, why would you need to call?”  I calmly explained that as it nears Christmas Eve Santa is so very busy that he may not see everything and welcomed parents input.  But that, no, I did not in fact  have his direct number – parents have to go through a 1.800 number and  an Elf  directs the calls. 

I haven’t had to pick up the phone and  dial yet but there is still one more day. 

I hope everyone has a magical Christmas and wonderful holiday full of the little moments.


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2 responses to “Santa’s direct line

  1. This is simply the most precious sentiment. I hope when I have little ones I will find myself as creative as you are with the “That’s why” stories!

    Very heartwarming! Your family sounds delightful ❤

    Happy New Year!

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