Eaten by a bear

I sat on a rock, exhausted,  watching the kids half-heartedly play in front of me.  Lily wasn’t feeling great and we were both ready to leave the park but Jackson was clinging to a small strand of hope that his friend would show up for a quick play before we headed home. 

Lily grew more and more impatient,  finally losing her composure when Jackson said he was going sit by the tree and wait for his friend.   Lily’s one hand flew to her hip while the other formed the perfect pointer.  She waved that little index finger at him and with a tone matching her severe facial expression she exclaimed:

“No Jackson!  You need to listen to mama.  You not stay here by the twee.  It get dark and then a bear come and he growl at you  and ‘den maybe eat you up.  We go home NOW!”

The ‘good mother’ in me knew that I should stop Lily from speaking to her brother with such attitude but I was so shocked by her torrent of words that I couldn’t help but smile.  I did manage to stop myself from running over and hugging her though.


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4 responses to “Eaten by a bear

  1. Naomi

    Oh, She’s adorable. And, um, is this what you usually tell your children to convince them to leave the park? 😉

  2. Lily is too funny!

    I would have wanted to hug her too.

  3. Cheryl

    Hip out, pointing that finger…oy I could so hear Miss Lily saying this while I reading it out loud to Fubbie!

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