An end to the idleness

This blog has been sitting idle for far too long.  Not because I haven’t been thinking about it.  I’ve sat here many a night with the computer on my lap.  I type.  And I delete.  Type some more.  Delete.  Delete.  Delete.  I’ve been trying to work the changes to our blog into a poignant piece about change, the beautiful rich autumn colours, motherhood and about a thousand other topics that are practically impossible to weave together without sounding like I have a raging case of mommy-brain (which, unfortunately,  I can no longer use as an excuse). 

So instead I will simply write that we’re changing things around a little bit.  You’ll notice the name of the blog has changed to encompass some of my changes as a mother, wife, individual and business woman.  There will still be signing posts and mocobabies updates but I’m granting myself a little bit of freedom to write about other things as well.   Like I said in my very first post I’m not sure where this little adventure is going to take me or where I will lead you  but hopefully you’ll stick around to find out!


Wishing my fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy the weekend and bask in all that you are thankful for.


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