Moo. Quack. Neigh.

The thunder is pounding outside and the rain sounds as if it might actually break through the roof it’s coming down so violently.  We’re hunkered inside for yet another rainy summer day.

Jackson is laying on the floor engrossed in Charlotte’s Web  and I’m sitting on the couch with a just-woke-up Lily.   I’m patiently waiting to see what mood she decides on and walk a  fine line between play and detachment  because, frankly, it’s looking pretty dubious.  I turn my attention back to Charlotte and watch as the animals chat in the barn.  As the camera moves past Wilbur I hear Lily say ‘piggy’ ever so quietly in her still sleepy voice.  I smile and rub her tummy.  Then she says ‘cows’ as they appear on the screen.  I ask Lily what a cow says and she replies ‘oink oink oink’ with a big smile on her face and I’m immediately relieved as it seems  she’s decided to jump into Happy Town instead of just waiting hesitantly at the border.   We giggle as I say ‘nooooo’ and tickle her.  She decides to show me how smart she is and responds with a ‘moo.  moo’.  We go on quacking and mooing and then Lily asks me a question which I can’t understand.  I ask her to repeat it and she continues our game asking  ‘what horse say?’  coupling the word ‘horse’ with the sign. 

I watch her sitting there on the couch, such a big girl, and I’m so proud.  Just a few short months ago we were working  hard just to get her to say ‘moo’ and here she is using sentences.   She is no longer classified as having a severe delay but there will be much more work to come as she begins a more intensive therapy.   We just have to wait until she’s  a  bit older and able (ahem, willing) to sit and concentrate.  

As I sit swimming in my adoration and awe of my children I think about a blog post I read the day before  about remembering to enjoy your kids (  It’s so easy to get caught up in life but sitting there with both Jack and Lily within kissing distance I  truly enjoy and appreciate my kids.

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