Feelin’ the ‘ov

Lily is now in the ‘big girl room’ at daycare.  She’s moved on up and is doing really well.  She has so many words and is putting them together incredibly well which, again, I credit largely to her interaction with the caregivers at the Y as well as the other children.   

Today she was heading on a trip with her class to the old age home.  Over breakfast I asked if she was going to say hi to  all of the grandma and grandpas.   “No”.   Trying to force a smile from Lily while overcoming my morning mood, I wiggled and asked if  she was going to dance for the grandma and grandpas.    A stern “No”  was followed by the sign for ‘old’.  

As we were struggling to get out the door the Grumps had a firm grasp of Lily and I while Jack was suffering from his own case of the Sulks.  I was putting on Lily’s socks and trying to tame her ever-wiggling toes so the fit would conform to her highly fussy standards  (oh, she’s a nut about her socks).  As she whined ‘no school’ I realized that the toe wiggles were an attempt to avoid daycare altogether.  Trying my best to remain calm while shoving her feet into her shoes I asked if she was starting to get  excited for her trip.  “No”.  ‘I bet your excited to see your friends though’.  “No.”  ‘Oh, you love Annette’.  “No.”   ‘You love Melissa’.  “No.”   ‘You love Pasqale’.  “No.”   ‘Ah, you just love Mom then?’  With furrowed brow she looked at me and said very slowly:  “No.  I no ‘ov mom – Jack ‘ov mom.  Me ‘ov daddy.”   

Maybe speech therapy wasn’t such a good idea…


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2 responses to “Feelin’ the ‘ov

  1. Hahahahaha, that made my morning. Kids are awesome.

  2. Melissa

    HAHAHA i love it… she did have a good day seeing the gramma’s and grampa’s!!!

    i can’t believe how her speech has come so far in that last little while she has been there… she amazes me everyday i see her when she talks to me most of the time i understand it the other times it is fun to get the sign and figure it out 🙂

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