A few more favourites – The ‘M’ edition

I’m standing in the middle of my bathroom, quietly whining to myself as  I usually do when I’m sick.  I’ve been struck with the nastiest of summer colds and I’m miserable.  My bones feel as though they’re going to disintegrate and my eyelids feel like weights on my face as I fight against gravity to keep them open.  Each breath is a monumental effort.  I can hear the kids snoring away just across the hall and I stand there listening to them slumber  hoping that they don’t catch the nastiness that has impaled me.  Then I feel my nose start to run again and I curse in the most pathetically whiny voice (and I HATE whining) as I grumpily snatch a tissue from the back of the toilet.  I continue cursing under my breath as I try and find the energy to brush my teeth and make it back to bed.   Before leaving the bathroom I reach for another tissue  and try to gently blow my nose.  I find myself saying out loud in a voice that I would never tolerate from my children  ‘my noooose huurrrts’ and I wish with all my might that a jar of Vaseline would magically appear on the counter before me.  Then I see it:  the kids  Matter Company bum ointment.  My nose has never been so happy. 

I’ve written about Matter Company  before but this summer I have come across new uses for a few of their products.  I will forever keep the Nappy Rash Ointment on hand.  Lily is only in a diaper at night now (Yipee!!) but I will always keep a jar close by for their skin issues and now mine. As well, the Blush Sugar Scrub has  become increasingly  important to us this summer.   We’ve been doing a lot of work around our house and we used the  sugar scrub often for our filthy cracked hands after digging out and planting a veggie garden.  Not only does the scrub get the dirt off better than any soap we tried but the oils acted as an incredible moisturizer.   It stayed on our counter for quite awhile before heading back into the shower.  http://www.mattercompany.com

Unfortunately I came across my next favourite thing when it was too late for me but I fell in love just the same:  Mally Bibs.   Perhaps the most incredibly designed and adorable bib ever.  Nicole Garza, in her brilliance, used magnets as clasps.  Yup, magnets.  That’s what I fell in love with.  It’s leather which is fantastic and easy to clean but the magnets are pure genius.     When we were consistently using bibs we had a drawer that was almost wholly devoted to their storage.  I would hang one off of the high chair so it  was always handy but the kids would pull it off or it would fall and drive me nuts (it’s the little things).  If I had a Mally Bib I wouldn’t have needed so many cloth ones (so much ‘greener’) AND I could have thrown it up on the fridge (after a quick rinse under the tap) where it would be out of the way but always handy at mealtime.  Mally Bibs have become another of my must haves for baby showers.   For my best friend’s baby shower I did a box of my favourite things and I spent the better part of 2 days travelling from store to store to find a Mally because I’d left it too late to order online.  We’ve moved to a small town and I think I’ll have to start stockpiling so I don’t have to drive quite so far to get one! http://www.mallybibs.com

Not suprizingly a lot of my very favourite things are produced by some very incredible moms.  And many of them have been kind enough to offer some of their most amazing products for our upcoming contests and giveaways.  Check out our facebook page (www.facebook.com/mocobabies) for more details about contests which will include some of my favourite products from  both Mally Bibs and Matter Company as well as Bink Link (www.binklink.com), Bugalug (www.bugalugbaby.com), and Posh Mom (www.poshmom.ca)


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