Summer is here!

We dropped our 5 year old son off at school this morning for his very last day of Junior Kindergarten.  I can’t  believe he’s finished an entire year and how much he has changed over these past months.  He’s grown into this incredibly inquisitive little boy who is drawing, problem solving, writing his letters and amazing me everyday with a new fact he’s learned (some that I didn’t even know!).  He runs in perfect form without the adorable gawkiness that lingered until just a few months ago.  He’s made wondeful friends and made it through the year with only a few bumps along the way.

As I held his hand going into school I told him how proud I was and what a big boy he’d become.  He had drawn his teacher a lovely picture to thank her for her hard work during the year and  told me how excited he was to give it to her;  that he was going to miss her.  (I can only hope all of his teachers will be as incredible and supportive as Mrs. Montgomery has been!). 

We hung his bag up in the classroom and had our goodbye hug while he made his school day promise to enjoy the day.   I  walked down the asphalt laneway towards the car watching him weave in and around games of hopscotch and double-dutch laughing with his friend as he went.  I smiled, full of motherly pride, but also in shock that my sweet baby was almost  finished his first year of school.  Then as he was practically out of sight, turning towards the climbers, I realized he hadn’t finished our morning routine.  Every single morning that I drop him off,  before getting totally immersed in his day he turns and signs  ‘I Love You’, every so often gracing me with our rarely used “I really love you”.   I little pang of sadness hit  but it was shortlived, I was much too happy to see the little guy having fun. 

I was almost to the van when I looked towards the playground one last time.  There, standing amongst a throng of other children, was my little man, baseball cap slightly askew as he scratched a pesky mosquito bite with one hand:  the other hand held out to say I love you.  My morning was complete.



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3 responses to “Summer is here!

  1. dana james

    Dear Lord Kathy! and i thought i could get through the day without crying today. we have to teach Cooper to be just like Jack!! i cant believe one school year is complete. when did he become a little man… i guess it happened before i understood what is important in life. Thank you for sharing your special morning with all of us!!

  2. Those moments make all the bad moments seems tiny.

  3. naomi

    So precious Kathy.

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