Someone should have warned me…

Eager to get Jack interested in chapter books, I have  been reading him Charolotte’s Web  Although I’ve  never read the book myself I thought I knew generally what the story was about:  a sweet little pig named Wilbur,  his adventures with his barnyard friends and a little girl named Fern.   I was elated when Jack fell in love with the story after only a chapter or two and began  asking for it before bed.  

Tonight we had the good fortune of turning on the television just in time to see that Charlotte’s Web was just starting.  My daughter, sick, was  in my lap and my son  was at the end of the couch grinning from ear to ear revelling in his good fortune.  Julia Roberts’ voice rang out from the speakers, the voice of Charlotte, while the animals provided witty banter that kept all of us smiling. 

Lily at one point hoisted herself up when she saw the horse and said ‘me no ride horse.  No ride cow either’.  I was so impressed with her words that I wrote them down for our next speech appointment and fell in love with Wilbur and his friends for motivating my wee girl to talk.  I signed ‘sheep’ for Lily as she excitedly pointed them out, her favorite animal-of-the-moment from her current bedtime storybook.  We signed friend, spider, pig, dirty and a few others.  As Lily laid there, lethargic, her little hands were still able to tell me what she was looking at.  I loved the movie – chuckling out loud when the crows screeched ‘abort! abort!’ as the scarecrow turned to face them.  

Jackson fell off to sleep about halfway through the movie and Lily meandered in and out of a fever induced slumber.  I  continued to watch enjoying the movie and not wanting to disturb either of them until they were in a deep enough sleep to be moved without waking them. 

Then everything changed.  I stared at the screen in disbelief.  Dying?  Charlotte was dying?  How could someone not have filled me in on this tiny little detail?  My daughter, apparently wakened by the change in my breathing as I tried to stifle my tears, turned to me and  before falling back asleep said ‘mommy’ and signed ‘cry’.   

As I watched little Wilbur put the  spider pod in his mouth to take back to the barn I swore there and then that I would never kill another spider.  A complete  lie but I know I’ll feel horrible now every time I do it.



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8 responses to “Someone should have warned me…

  1. Chris

    Thank you for ruining the ending for me! (PS. Just kidding)

  2. Sandy

    Oh Kathy, that is the joy of most kids’ movies and almost every single Disney movie. Someone dies, quite often the mother, and it is awful for the poor child and most often the parents end up bawling!
    I still can’t watch Bambi, the Lion King just kills and The Fox and the Hound has to be the worst movie ever! The only reason I have never seen Charlotte’s Web is because I read it in public school and knew what happened so I didn’t want to see it play out on the screen!
    We went to see UP for Laura’s birthday party and while the girls did think it was a bit sad, I was glad the theatre was dark because I was a teary mess for a bit of it!

  3. Someone dies in The Fox and The Hound??? UP is sad??? !
    I am not cut out for kids movies!

  4. You might want to avoid “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “My Dog Skip” as well….lol

  5. Cheryl

    I can’t believe my sister has never read Charlotte’s Web.

  6. Cheryl

    Wait. You’ve never seen The Fox & the Hound? I don’t know who you are anymore!

  7. naomi

    ..I understand. I can’t even handle the scenes in Anne of Green Gables when Anne and Gilbert fight never mind Disney’s dying mothers fixations…

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