We did it! We finally did it!

You’re sitting in the back of the car feeling like it’s been the longest 15 minutes of your entire life.  But then you arrive and you jump out of the car with such excitment that you’ve reached your final destination that you forget that you have an incredible case of numb-bum.  The thought that your parents have been lying to you with this whole ’15 minutes’ business leaves your head entirely. 

That’s exactly how we feel right now ~ like 7 year old kids who have finally finished the never-ending drive to the much anticipated summer vacation spot.  We did it!  We made it!  We finally launched our new and improved website! There’s still a bit of a walk ahead as we unpack the car and make our way to the campsite but the end is near! 

Check out our new look at www.mocobabies.com.   We would love to hear what you think and welcome your suggestions on what you would like to see filling up the mocofun section!  We have some ideas of our own and will be continually adding new things, including some great downloadables.  

Our new site boasts a lot more product information, beautiful photography (care of Last Eight Frames Photography – thank you!) and a great search tool to help you find one of our fantastic retailers!  If there isn’t a store close by you can always ‘Shop Moco’ and head to our very own online mocostore.   

We have lots of fun things planned!  We are  working on contests and giveaways which will include some of our favourite things so join our Facebook group to be the first to know and maybe even win! http://www.facebook.com/pages/mocobabies/18818570381

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  1. It’s amazing what stunning photography can do to a website. We cannot thank Rosel of Last Eight Frames Photography enough. Clearly the photos are the stars of the new site.

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