Thumbs up!

Lily has been dropping a lot of signs lately  but one that she is still working really hard on is ‘I love you’.   She will throw her hand up in the air and with an expression of pure confusion look at her hand as if in total disbelief that her fingers aren’t in the position she’s urging them to go.  With the utmost concentration she tries to will  her fingers into formation but quickly resorts to using her other hand to push her pinky up while  keeping those pesky middle fingers down.   Tonight, after just a brief moment of concentration, she gave up.   She looked from her hand to me and made the next best sign.  With a big smile she flashed me the best thumbs up I’ve ever seen.



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2 responses to “Thumbs up!

  1. Love this story! It’s so fun when they are learning to master they’re fingers!

  2. Jack does a modified E for I love you and I can’t wait until he can do it. Its so sweet to see him try. I am glad your daughter found a way to tell you what she meant, so smart!!!

    Thank you so much for the package I got yesterday. What beautiful products. I loved them.

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