My Faves: The Momoir Project

I’ve been so terribly slow to update my posts lately even though I have lots of signing stories to tell.   I had the best post planned for Mother’s Day yet here I am weeks later and I haven’t written a thing.  I blame this whole mess on my new favourite thing – my new obsession, really.  The Momoir Project.   If  I hadn’ t  signed up for the class I would have been writing posts about Lily’s speech appointment,  her words, her songs, Jack’s signs and Lily’s recent lack thereof.    Instead, my head is full of mom-stories and working on the best way to get Lily’s beginnings down on paper.

“The Momoir Project  offers a series of writing classes for moms interested in taking the time to channel their personal experience with motherhood into words…”  That’s what it says on the website but it’s so much more.   For about 6 weeks now I have been ‘meeting’ a group of incredible women every other week to discuss our stories.  I have been guided by their feedback and encouragement.  Although we have never actually met (I’m doing the online course), I almost feel like I know these women because of their writing; their words are brave, honest and magical.  I am in awe of their writing and the stories they have to tell.  Each week we are given ‘writing starts’, a topic or phrase to spark our creativity and each class I am amazed at how completely different our stories are yet there is always something that I can easily relate to as a mom. 

The instructor, Cori Howard, is a fabulous writer and the editor of ‘Between Interruptions:  Thirty Women Tell The Truth About Motherhood’ (an incredible book that I’m reading again now for the class and it’s just as good as the first time around!).  During our Wednesday phone calls, Cori takes us through the components of  memoir writing while we work towards building an essay.  She has the unique ability to  offer guidance and critisism without judgement or superiority.  It  has empowered me to be honest in my writing and I no longer get the shakes when my ‘start’ is coming up for discussion.  Cori, along with this most incredible group of women, have unknowingly provided me the support and confidence to put pen to paper in way that I’ve always wanted to but haven’t.  I’ve never before been secure enough in my own voice.

This group is also giving me the opportunity to put Lily’s story on paper for her which I’ve been meaning to do for over 2 years now.   It’s amazing.  And scary.

The Momoir Project’s website is and the blog is fantastic (and I don’t say that just because one of my starts is featured!) 

So, there you have it.  I’ve been neglecting this blog and I blame it 100% on The Momoir Project and Cori’s genius in helping to give moms an outlet (and forcing them to find time) to write their stories.  I’ve been wondering lately what I’m going to do when the class is over so you’ll have to excuse me if  my mom stories start sneaking in here.


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