New words spring up

I love Spring:  the smell, the feeling of renewal, and watching the flowers start to peek out of the winter-trodden ground to begin their colourful bloom.  Each day as we go outside the kids do a ‘Green Check’ to see if anything else is sprouting.   I blame it on my severe and unrelenting case of nostalgia but I find myself watching them check  the dirt thinking about how beautifully both my kids are blossoming along with our  crocus and tulips.  My first precious baby is almost  5 and my sweet 2 year old is blooming into the most wonderfully  verbal little girl. 

Lily is doing phenomenally well with her speech.    It has been quite some time since we have seen our speech pathologist and I’m excited for Sarah to see the difference in Lily this afternoon.  I’ve been trying to keep  a list for Sarah and from what I’ve jotted down Lily is now saying 88 words and using as many signs.  Granted, the words are still sometimes hard to decipher but she’s trying so hard.  It seems almost daily now that at some point I’m asking if she knows a sign that will help me understand her rapid-fire words.  Often,  she quickly adds a sign or two  but there are occassions when she’s at a loss. My little toad will  cock her head and with a most thoughtful expression say ‘umm’ as she tries to think of a new way to get her point across. 

I credit a lot of Lily’s progress to the YMCA.   For many months,  Lily would be standing with Melissa or Annette when I arrived to pick her up – rarely would I see her interacting with the other children.   Annette  mentioned that Lily was a little bit reserved at daycare; doing a lot of watching but not a lot of jumping in to play.  Now, Lily  is a completely different girl and I often have to pull her away from activities at the end of the day, coaxing her to put her boots on.  I truly believe that their use of sign language with the other children has been an integral part of getting Lily comfortable and willing to open up.    There is a lot of pressure when you’re not talking.   I feel it as Lily’s mom and often used to  cringe watching people try to coax words from her.  Never-mind the pressure she must have felt.   Annette and Melissa have provided Lily with such an open and secure space that she feels comfortable taking risks such as using her words with the other children.  One afternoon when picking Lils up Annette showed me how one of the little boys was signing ‘friend’ – it  meant the world to me and probably even more to Lily.    They have created a space flush with communication, not  just another place where Lily is told to use her words while her signs are disregarded or outright scorned.   I think Lily’s new-found confidence and growth are a testament to their efforts.  (And of course it’s nice that mocobabies products have helped!) 

I adore almost nothing more than toddler feet and the adorable way toddlers  run as if trying with all their might to coordinate their limbs.  As the Green Check inevitably turns to tag, I watch Jack and Lily chasing each other and realize that I’m almost out of toddler feet.  Although Lily is holding on to her awesome run-waddle, I see her keeping a close eye on her older brother trying to imitate his almost-no-flail run.  It doesn’t seem possible that  toddlerhood will soon be a distant memory; my babies are growing up.   Before I know it the sweet toddler feet I love to tickle and kiss are going to be teenage stinkers.


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2 responses to “New words spring up

  1. Seriously Kathy, you make me look at the world in such a different light. I thought I was observant and maybe a little profound, but yet, every time I read your blogs a tear comes to my eye and I think about my boys in a different light. I truly LOVE Jack and Lily, although I’ve never met them, but I know them through the words you write and my heart is filled with love. You are an incredible mom, business person and writer…truly, I thank you. 🙂

  2. Wow Sundi, I have never received such an amazing compliment. You give me way too much credit but I appreciate it all the same! I’ll be tucking this one away to read on the days when I don’t feel very incredible at all! 😉

    I’m so happy you enjoy reading it!

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