A few of my favourite things…

My most cherished friend is expecting her first baby in May.   Not only am I incredibly excited for her but I am over-the-moon excited to impose myself on them to fill my need for newborn cuddles.  She and I have been friends since we were in grade 3 (I almost put that into years but the number gave me the chills) and her pregnancy has given me such a feeling of nostalgia.   I’ve been remembering when my babes were born:  the fear of not knowing what was to come, that maybe I would be completely void of maternal instincts, the excitement of meeting them, and all of the emotions that surround having a baby.   And I love thinking about sitting and enjoying time with my childhood friend while our children play and begin creating their own memories.

Her pregnancy has also given me pause to think about the things that made my life easier when the kids were born and all of the new things I have come across since.  So, here are just a few of my favourite things. 

I went through a number of diaper bags throughout both kids and never found one that worked really well for my needs.  Then my booth at a trade show was directly across from Posh Mom.  Kismet!   I now have the ‘Mini Daisy Cord’ Posh Mom messenger bag (I had to shoo many people away from it at the show) and it’s fantastic. I use it as a purse, a diaper bag and have used it for an overnight bag as well.  I get compliments on it practically every time I take it out.  While I was heading to the dreaded dentist chair just this week the hygienist stopped me to ask where I’d found my fantastic purse.  If  I didn’t know that my friend had already received a  diaper bag, her shower gift would be a Posh Mom.  http://www.poshmom.ca

Both of my children have sensitive skin and it was a struggle with Jackson trying to find a cream that would help his little cheeks and mouth when they became sore, particularly in the winter.  I was lucky enough to pass one of the most beautiful displays at a trade show years ago and meet Denise, the owner of Matter Company.  She introduced me to her Nappy Rash Ointment.  Matter Company carries an all natural line of baby care products as well as mom and skin care products.  The Nappy Rash Ointment is a constant in our house and I typically keep 2 tubs on hand:  one for diaper changes and one for cheeks and sore spots.  Lily is prone to diaper rash but the only time it really flares up is when we run out of Denise’s ointment.  There are so many products I could recommend. The Leg and Back Creme was heaven when I was pregnant with Lily and the Blush Sugar Scrub is a guilty pleasure.  A tub lasts me forever because it’s so incredible that I save it for when I need a pick-me-up or want to be pampered.  It has the most heavenly scent and makes you feel like new.  http://www.mattercompany.com

We always had a hard time finding fun clothes for Jack.  Carol, owner of Kid Brother, has solved the problem with the most incredible and stylish boys clothing.     When my husband and I saw Carol’s display at a show last year, before knowing my friend was pregnant, we immediately said ‘if they had little boys’ but instead we brought back the Railway Co. T-shirt for Jack!  How much easier my shopping would be  if we knew “Little Pooper” was a boy!  http://kidbrother.ca/

Lily is flush with Bugalug barrettes.  They are the cutest barrettes and Lily seems to leave them alone whereas others mysteriously disappear from her hair shortly after being put in.  I didn’t realize how much fun I would have dressing Lily up and doing her hair and how much she would hate it!  Bugalugs  come in particularly handy when Lily is in no mood to let me near her in the morning with brush and elastics in hand.    She still looks adorable with a single Bugalug thrown in to keep her hair out of her face.  Love them.  http://www.bugalugbaby.com/

My horrible case of newborn nostalgia would be so much easier to handle if I wasn’t such a sucker for all things baby. It almost (almost) makes me want to have another…

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