“15 more minutes”

“Fifteen more minutes”.  The infamous words that children repeatedly hear from the front seat as parents respond to their gnawing pleas  of ‘are we there yet’ (or was it just my parents??).  And now I, ahem, am using it at work.  Not just to get the kids to give me some precious time to get work done but to apologize  for completely missing our own deadline. 

This February we were to launch our newly desiged website.  We were fairly close to completion when my wildly creative and fantastic husband (who looks after much of my creative) came to me, gently placing his hands on my shoulders, saying  ‘you are going to both love and hate me’.  With this said,  he took me to his computer and he had ditched everything.  Through a stroke of creative genius he had come up with a new design.   An awesome design.  A design that made me realize how much I didn’t like the one we’d been working on for 2 months even though I thought I had loved it. 

When will the new site be launched, you ask….just 15 more minutes.

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One response to ““15 more minutes”

  1. haha, nooooo I cant wait!!

    Kidding, I am sure it will be so worth the wait.

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