Canadian Family Magazine

  Canadian Family Magazine

If you’re checking out the March issue of Canadian Family Magazine you will see mocobabies Signing Flash Cards listed in the ‘Family Smarts’ section!  They have been parent tested and approved! 

“Sign Language Flash Cards. 
A set of 35 laminated, rounded-edge flash cards that teach babe (and parent) to sign using captions and quirky illustraitons of animals, common household items and baby’s first signs (eat, finished, more, etc.). $23-25, mocobabies.
‘I wanted to teach my son sign language so we could communicate when he is pre-verbal, so we both don’t get frustrated when he tries to tell me something and I don’t understand.  I found the cards for different foods, milk, bath, eat and finished most useful and I liked that they were laminated so if my son puts them in his mouth they won’t get destroyed.’  Sonia Markez, Mom of 11 month old Gregory. Toronto”.

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  1. Awesome! I’m gonna make sure I take a look for them.

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