Everybody’s signing

 I am back at home.  Back to the monotony of real life.  Back to the New Years resolutions that I was putting on hold.  Back to a house full of the flu and a husband who is 3 hours away.  And, although I can’t deny that I’m missing the pampering of hotel life in Beverley Hills, it feels so good to be home.  If only the cleaning staff could have come home with me!

I find that one of the most common questions about signing with hearing babies is still whether or not it will stop baby  from talking.  It was refreshing to not get that question at the Boom Boom Room (a pre-Golden Globes gifting suite ~ essentially a place to get your products seen by people and media that you wouldn’t normally have as an audience).  Most of the people I met knew about signing and a lot were already using it or planning to use it with their kids.    

Marissa Winokur (Dancing with the Stars) was excited to see the cards explaining that she had just had a conversation with her husband about whether they would sign with their 5 month old.  She was so sweet and excited to get 0ur flash cards.  

 Kevin Weisman (who I absolutely loved as Marshall on Alias) is signing with his son.  Ali Landry’s daughter  signed ‘cracker’ for me.  Constance Zimmer already had the cards and Neal McDonough (Desperate Housewives) and his wife are signing parents.  It was great fun to be there experiencing the Boom Boom Room but even more incredible to see how signing has seemingly become a natural and normal part of  life with baby in Hollywood.   Erik Ellington (Pro Skater)  knew about signing and said that he had learned a lot from his first son including the things he wanted and didn’t want to do with his new baby.  Signing was already on his list of things that he wanted to try so he was happy to get the flash cards.  

Christie Lynn Smith (Bones) was there with her family and was one of the few people that we gifted our stickers to (we only took a handful to showcase but were gifting our flash cards) because she was very interested in signing and hadn’t yet started with her daughter Abby.  Shortly after returning home I received a thank you note from Christie:  

 “… I love — LOVE the signing Flashcards and stickers!! I have been signing to little Abby everyday since! I know she definitely knows the sign for MILK!!! …I’ve always wanted to learn sign language and this is a great start!! I love your products…”  


Fabulous companies surrounded us at the Boom Boom Room as well and I’ll share more about them later!  So many things I want and wish I had have known about long ago!   

Well, back to the sweet monotony of packing lunches for tomorrow!



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5 responses to “Everybody’s signing

  1. Amy

    Wow, Kathy, I’m so proud for you! Let’s get together and rub elbows soon 🙂

  2. I am so happy for you. What an amazing experience! You really gotta get going on that second set. Jack can’t wait!

    • Thanks!

      I would love to do a second set and it is definitely very near the top of our list. You will be the first to know! Makes me happy that you enjoy them so much and that Jack has had fun with them.

  3. Lesley

    Awesome stuff Kathy as nathan and annika would say “you should be proud of yourself”
    We sure are

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