A little celebrity schmoozing

We’ve just returned home from a special Christmas away with family.  Packing the kids up for an 18 hour drive was both exciting (thinking of car trips of my childhood) and horrifying (thinking of every day car trips with my children).  But it was brilliant.  We couldn’t have asked for the kids to be any better than they were.  Lily was a little bit more difficult largely due to my frazzled nerves and her lack of language.  However,  her verbal attempts blossomed during the drive.  Apparently being stuck in a car seat for 2 days with no one to see your signs is key to forcing the spoken word. 

During one of our many car games Jackson starting whispering ‘tip toe. tip toe. tip toe.’  and after a few moments another little whisper came ringing out from the back seat.  I can’t say that without hearing Jackson first I would have known what she was saying but the attempt at language and imitation was amazing.   Lately,  Jackson and Lily’s  mutual adoration (and often frustration) is obvious as they play and Lily  mimics everything her big brother does.    And Jackson undoubtedly loves having a little sister to play with (translation: pester, wrestle and steal toys from).  However, this morning  they were playing and Jackson was sharing his excitement that Lily had said a new word to him.  As he was telling me I smiled and asked if  he remembered when Lils was little and he wanted to play  with her so badly.  We kept telling him she’d be big enough one day and he would brim with excitement.  I asked if having a little sister to play with and talk to was as fun as he’d imagined.  Very soberly, the little guy looked at me with his blue eyes and cherubic  face and said ‘not really.’

Our vacation is over and we’re back to the snow.  Real life is upon us again.  Well, my ‘real life’ won’t actually start for another week when I’m back from Beverley Hills and have to plunge back into our daily routines.  Mocobabies is heading to LA for a pre-Golden Globes celebrity gifting suite (the “Boom Boom Room”) so I’m forced to head back to the sun for a few more days.    Who knows what will come of it but when will I ever again get an invite to be  in a room full of celebrities?   I’m taking my mom (one of my biggest mocosupporters!) and at the very least we’ll have a great trip, enjoy the sun and hopefully meet a few interesting people along the way!  With any luck I’ll have a few celeb pics to post when I get home too!   

I’m not big on resolutions but it’s always nice to think of starting the year with a clean slate.   I have a laundry list of things  that I want to accomplish, do better, or stop doing altogether so I will write it all down and hopefully by years end I will be able to check off one or two things.  I hope everyone has a wonderful 2009 filled with happiness, love and friendship.



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3 responses to “A little celebrity schmoozing

  1. Sounds like lots of fun. But I have to know, who else will be in the “Boom, Boom Room”?

  2. Amy

    Happy New Year, Kathy. Miss you and am so glad you’re blogging!

  3. Thanks!

    I’m not sure yet who will be there and I’m a little nervous I’m not going to recognize anyone! Hopefully I get a list beforehand!

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