A breakthrough week

Books are a huge part of my life and our family.  I have always loved reading and some of my favourite memories are of lazy summer days with a good book in hand.  I have turned my husband into an avid reader and I have a small addiction to children’s books and building my kids library (just ask Scholastic).  I absolutely adore seeing the love of books in both Jack and Lily. 


For my first Mother’s Day my husband gave me the book I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak and illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church.  It quickly became a favourite. 


Lily has always been very interactive with this book, enjoying the pictures and giggling for much of the story.  She often asks for it at bedtime but she becomes so animated that I tend to save it for daytime reading.  However, tonight she coupled the please sign with her very best pouty eyes and I couldn’t resist.  Her excitement over getting to read one of her favourite stories only intensified as my enthusiasm and congratulatory tweeks and cheers became more exaggerated with every page. 


The signs Lily usually uses while reading this story are bath, happy, sad and cry.  Tonight, she added the sign for ‘silly’ and  imitated giggles, crying, talking and running.  With imitation being one of Lily’s biggest roadblocks to the spoken word it was overwhelming to watch.   And she didn’t stop there.  My sweet girl coupled the sign and word for ‘happy’, ‘mad’ and her grand finale was saying (almost perfectly) ‘bubble’. 


With her very recent verbal explosion, she now has about 34 words and 57 signs.  Granted, many of her “words” are just attempts and if she wasn’t coupling it with the sign we would probably pass it off as babble, however,  she’s trying and I couldn’t ask for any more than that.


Laying with Lily tonight, looking at her sweet little cherubic face with her hand wrapped around my finger, I was reminded that every child is true perfection.  Sure, we warp them over the years but children radiate all that is good and beautiful.  


(Note:  To see more books that we’re reading you can check out our Facebook page. We’ve only just started the list but will continue to update and add more information.  We would LOVE to hear what you’re reading! http://www.facebook.com/pages/mocobabies/18818570381)






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4 responses to “A breakthrough week

  1. That is a beautiful and sweet story. It gives me such hope for my son.

    Happy Holidays

  2. I have an addiction for junior fiction. But I share the classic children’s books with my daughter: Curious George, Dandelion, etc. I’ll be sad if she doesn’t love my books I’m saving for her for later.

  3. Lisa Sheppard

    Kathy, what a great story as we love books too. One of Greer’s (and mine and Chris’s…my chris) all time favourite books is the one you bought her for her first birthday, If I were a lion….and we always think of you guys (well I do) when we read it. You knew how to pick a book that perfectly described Greer and how she is in life!

  4. Amy

    Go Lily GO! We are so proud of you! And you too, Mommy!

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