Progress – both signing and verbal

Sadly, I haven’t been able to recreate the bedtime bliss that inspired my last post.  I knew the world had righted itself as my request for a good morning hug and kiss was immediately met with a no.  It was oddly reassuring. 

It’s incredible to see how quickly Lily is picking up on signs right now.  When she doesn’t have a word or a sign for something her eyebrows furrow and her little hands start making a rhythmic motion similar to the sign for music.  Her small plea to be shown the right thing to say. 

A few of her more recent signs are: elephant, giraffe, lion, cry, draw, star, rain and bread.

Since our last therapy session we have been focusing on taking turns and play.  An almost impossible task with a strong-willed, stubborn child with access to a boundless sea of energy.  Lily understands the concept of taking turns and will say mine while signing ‘my turn’ but she doesn’t yet have the patience to actually let someone else take a turn.   We continue to try.

We have been making faces with Lily, exaggerated mouth movements and blowing.  It helps with imitation, muscle development and gaining control which is crucial for verbal language.  A wonderful friend who I hadn’t seen in ages took the time to find out a bit about speech delays and gave Lily bubble blowers for her birthday.  I haven’t properly thanked her yet but she couldn’t have picked a better gift.   It’s quite difficult to find pinwheels and bubbles nearing the start of winter!  And it was perfect timing – Lily was able to show off her much improved skills today in therapy! 

Lily’s verbal is progressing and Sarah is pleased with her increased vocabulary.  When we started therapy Lily had about 3 words and really only used ma and da on a semi-regular basis.  She now says mommy, daddy, hi, bye, baby, uh-oh, more, woof-woof  (she couples with the sign for dog), Yoey (the kids affectionate nickname for their aunt),  and hat.  Hat is the first word that she has said  without any prompting.

Through sign Lily is gettng across increasingly more complex ideas rather than just her needs.  Lately, I feel as if I am in a perpetual state of awe and continually congratulating my little monkey in order to encourage more communication.  Yet, it seems that her biggest encouragement comes from her brother.  He gets so excited when she speaks.  In those rare moments of calm, it is so sweet to hear Jack encouraging her to use words as he responds to her signing.   Unfortunately, more often I hear the ever-escalating ping-pong chant of  ‘mine’ ‘mine’ ‘Mine’ MINE’.  But I’m told that only lasts another 18 or so years.



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2 responses to “Progress – both signing and verbal

  1. Yeah! That’s so exciting. Are they able to keep up with her new signs at daycare? It’s so great that she has another means of communication with everyone while her ability to say words catches up with the words she knows.

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