Heart. Melting.

Lily is not one who likes to cuddle.  Not a child who will, unless tired or hurt, curl up in your arms for longer than a minute.  My sweet little girl is not a child who often offers unsolicited kisses, hugs or cuddles.  Tonight, it would seem, the world fell off it’s axis. 

Going to bed not only did Lily give me goodnight kisses without hesitation but she even asked me to sing to her.  This is unheard of.  She loves music but her usual response to my singing, even when music is blaring as we dance foolishly around the house, is  a quick hand over my mouth and shake of her head.  After my first rendition of Twinkle Twinkle tonight she took her hands out from the blankets to sign to me.   As I sat watching her I was already smiling anticipating ‘stop’.  To my complete and utter shock she signed ‘more’.

And before she rolled over to tuck herself back in, her little fingers fixed themselves into her perfect little version of ‘I Love You’.  Unprompted.  Unsolicited.  What more can a mom ask for? 

I’m so glad we’ve signed.



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5 responses to “Heart. Melting.

  1. That’s a beautiful story.

    And don’t feel bad, my daughter tells me to stop singing, too!

  2. dana

    This is the second time you made me cry this morning. i love this story its beautiful.

  3. Amy

    OMG Kathy you just made me cry! What a magical moment for you. I love reading how signing makes your life better. 🙂 Mine too.

  4. Amy

    I just wanted to add, I don’t know which is better, the hand over the mouth with the shaking head, or Georgia shouting out, “NO SINGING!”. We all get it. 🙂

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