Vegas Baby Vegas

5 more sleeps.  4, really, since we have to be up in the middle of the night getting ready to head to the airport.  But then we’re off to Vegas, baby.  My husband and I will be boarding a plane, sans  children, and heading to the ABC Kids Expo.   I’m pretty excited although I know I’m going to miss the kids like crazy 5 minutes after we head out.   I’m really excited about this year; we’re more prepared, our expectations are in check and we have lots of evening events to keep us busy.   

My closest friend in the world, Dana, came to help us at the show last year.   Beyond any best-bud expectations, Dana took time off work, made us laugh, was incredibly thoughtful and, most importantly, made sales!   We’ll do our best to survive the exhausting 5 days without her this time around but it definitley won’t be as funny at booth 421. 

And our evenings will not be as fun-filled either as one of our very favourite companies will not be attending.  We begged, we pleaded but to no avail.  If you haven’t heard of Bink Link, please check out  Not only do they have incredibly designed pacifier clips but they are two of the funniest, kindest people I know and deserve all of the success that is coming their way.  Neither of my children have used pacifiers yet we’re flush with Bink Links.  I abolutely love them.  My personal favourite is  Candy, an absolutely perfect imitation of the candy necklaces of my childhood.  I have used it for everything from clipping my badge at tradeshows to attaching my son’s precious bear to the stroller.   They have lots of amazing designs (I think we have almost all of them) and have become my new always-included baby shower gift.

I can’t believe how quickly this past year has gone!  Last year was my first time in Vegas and I’m looking forward to going back a more seasoned exibitor so I can spend just a wee bit more time enjoying the city!

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