The signs keep coming

Since my last signing post, Lily hasn’t had any new spoken words but her little hands are going a mile a minute.  She has been stringing together signs for quite some time but it’s amazing to watch her now as she’s putting 3 to 5 signs together.  What she is able to convey through sign is incredible.

Jackson loves to draw.  One of the few times we get him quiet is when he’s putting pen to paper and in true younger sibling form, Lily wants to do everything Jack does.  This past week she is always with crayon in hand.  She will scribble a few lines, show you the paper and sign ‘flower’ with a huge smile on her face.  It’s so sweet.  However, it does turn slightly less adorable after 30 minutes of ‘uh uh uh’s’ as she wants you to continually draw her flowers.   But, in true Lily form, she gets me to give in each time by signing ‘flower more please’ batting her eyelashes the whole time. 

Her little toddler hands have a hard time forming the sign for ‘I Love You’ but she’s been trying for quite a long time now.  I know exactly what she’s doing when her arm reaches out and her fingers flex while her face freezes in concentration.  Jackson was obsessed with airplanes when he was a toddler and, again, although his fingers weren’t in the perfect formation it was easy to understand what he was trying to get across as his wee hand waved through the air.  It never failed to amaze me that, even when we couldn’t see an airplane in the sky, within a few moments after the sign we would hear an engine roaring overhead.  Lily has never held the same fascination with airplanes.  Hers has been birds.  Her fingers are going at the slightest chirp and don’t stop until there isn’t a bird in sight (or earshot).  That is, until last week.  A little disappointed that her nap didn’t last longer, I went to the stairs only to see my beautiful little girl with her rosy cheeks and bedhead curls looking down at me with an ‘I didn’t wake up on the right side of my bed’ expression.  Another pang of mom-guilt set in as I felt further disappointment that she wasn’t her usual cheery after-nap self.  But the feeling soon dissipated when she walked down a few steps, stopped and stared with an intent look on her face – her little ‘I Love You’ sign waving through the air.  I said ‘airplane’?  and she broke out in the most incredible smile and started to giggle.  And, just like with Jackson, seconds passed and the sound of the airplane was clear overhead. 

There haven’t been any new verbal words but she is saying ‘ma’ and ‘da’ with more frequency and is actually labelling us with her syllables rather than it appearing to be random babble. 

Saving the best for last, in the biggest news, we finally got the call.  Lily’s first appointment with the speech pathologist is September 5th.  I’m not sure whether my butterflies are more nerves or pure excitement but I’m looking so forward to learning new ways to help her with her verbal vocabulary.  Now the fun really begins!


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