Just the beginning

I’m feeling a lot of pressure for my very first blog post.  I’ve never blogged before and, really, never thought I would.  But here I am.  How do I start?  How do I make it magical and engaging enough that anyone would make it past the first sentence, let alone come back to read more?  After trying to be clever (followed by much deleting) and witty (again, followed by much deleting) I decided that you will have to forego the perfect beginning and hopefully you will still decide to stick around to see what we can make of this. 

Since you have made it here, you may already be familiar with  mocobabies and signing, so I will skip a big introduction.  The short version is that I have signed with both of my children and started mocobabies because I couldn’t find resources that I liked and that were easy to understand.   After seeing family and friends use the small notes I had placed around my home to help me remember signs, I decided to start developing products to help other families enjoy signing as much as we were.  I don’t understood why so many educational resources are, well, ugly and boring.  Why products aren’t made that the parents will have fun looking at as well as the child.  I decided mocobabies would focus on the fun and the functional.  We believe everyone is more likely to participate when participation is fun and (almost) effortless.

We have had such a phenomenal time signing with both of our kids but the experience has been completely different with each of them.  I thought a blog might be the perfect place to share some of our experiences as we are knee-deep in it with Lily right now.   Our experiences, in my mind, put to rest some of the misconceptions that still exist about signing with hearing children. 

I’m sure, depending on the day, there will be other subject matter that will creep into this blog.  Something that, as I have read, goes against the rules of good blogging.  However,  I often have a hard time staying on track in normal conversation so I expect this blog will be no different.  If  there is a home remedy that works (I have a great one for fruit flies) or a great kid company we know of (we have met lots through our travels these past 3 years) I will most likely share it.  And I’m sure there will probably be a rant or two along the way.  But I will do my best to stay on topic and share with you most things signing. 

I welcome your comments and questions.  I would love for this to be interactive and become a conversation rather than just another of my boring dust-collecting diaries.   

Hope to see you back again soon!




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2 responses to “Just the beginning

  1. Kathy,

    I love hearing about your experiences with sign language. Your two children are so different, it gives you a depth of knowledge and experience to speak from. I really like your flash cards. And so does my daughter. She knows all the signs, so now she uses them to find letters in words. We also sort them by color and category.


  2. mocobabies

    Thanks Holly!
    It’s always great to hear that people are having fun with the flash cards!

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